Monday, August 27, 2012

Melting Pot by Sabine Ducasse

[via Behance Network]

Most crafty kids will inevitably recognize Sabine Ducasse's medium as Perler beads. Remember? You used to gingerly place them on a plastic peg board before giving them to your mom to iron down. But whereas we children of the '80s were cranking out two-dimensional hearts and stars, Ducasse has turned the melted plastic beads into intricate works of high fashion.

But who in the world is Ducasse? Based in Shanghai despite her très Parisian name, the only evidence of this designer's talent turns up on the Behance Network, where she has posted her 2012 collection, appropriately titled Melting Pot.

A French LinkedIn profile identifies Ducasse as a former pediatric hematology nurse who made quite the career change when she left to attend the IFA Paris in Shanghai from 2009-2012. Now that her fashion education is complete, I'm looking forward to seeing what else this multi-talented designer has up her sleeve.

Designer: Sabine Ducasse 
Photographer: Matthias Hossann 
Model: Ding Rouyin

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