Monday, July 23, 2012

Some Like It Hot: A Packing List

Source: via Sandy on Pinterest

Success! I managed to make it home from nine days in Israel without completely melting away. Each time I've visited so far, I've been told that the country is experiencing a heat wave, but I'm starting to believe that Israeli weathermen are all liars and that it's always just hot as a sauna and muggy as a steam room there.

So, how did I survive? Light colors, natural fabrics and a newfound appreciation for hats. For the long, sticky weeks of summer we have left or travel to a destination that's hotter than hot, I give you my packing list...

Breezy Maxis and Minis

I'm especially enamored with the Club Monaco number in the middle (which is now on sale - hooray!). The gauzy dress comes with a strapless cotton slip that can be worn to prevent see-through or discarded when you want to throw the sheer layer over a bathing suit and head to the beach.

Not So Short Shorts

Remember last summer when boyfriend shorts where everywhere? No longer. Now it seems the trend has turned to tight, short daisy dukes, and I am not a fan! (Nor, can I imagine, are most shoppers over the age of 17.) I went on quite a thorough search for something more slouchy and less skanky. (Yeah, I said it.) These two pairs from Alice + Olivia and Lucky Brand were the perfect fit.

Cotton, Silk & Linen Tops

Not gonna lie: I have more than a few cheap, polyester tops hanging in my closet, but there's no way they were making it into my suitcase for this trip. When the temps are consistently in the 90s, only natural fibers will do, and I love these light, easy options from Joie.

A Shady Sunhat

I'm slightly obsessed with these kitschy critter sun hats by Eugenia Kim, but if you want something more traditional, try a classic big floppy hat or a Panama (for a bit more sun coverage than a fedora).

Here's to keeping cool!


  1. I love a shady sun hat! It's been crazy hot around where I live too!

  2. shorts and breezy summer dresses and a comfortable pair of shoes are always top on my summer packing list

  3. Love these suggestions. I make it a point to sport flowy clothes all summer long. Jut so easy to wear.

  4. very good recommendations! i just recently acquired my first pair of shorts since adulthood at the denim swap and i surprisingly don't hate them!!! 


  5. Thank you!! I hate those super tight/mini shorts everyone has been wearing. Most girls can't pull off this look and it hurts my eyes to see them wearing them :( 

    I'm sure Israel is tough because it's a desert! Definitely important to be covered up to prevent too much exposure to the sun so light pieces like cotton or linen are the way to go. Always love wearing a fedora in the summertime :)