Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Paper Prada

[via Twelv]

I'm a little late discovering this one, but I can't look away, so excuse me if you've already seen it. Illustrator Coco Brun, along with colleagues Anna Sbiera and Delphine Roche, took inspiration (and clothing) from Prada's S/S 2012 campaign to design, illustrate and prop this editorial, titled "Paper Prada." Marc Da Cunha Lopes gets credit for the striking photography.

I'll be on the lookout for more mixed media fashion spreads, but it seems that mainstream style mags have some serious innovating to do if they plan to play catch up.


  1. oooh these are fantastic! if you're late finding this one, i am double late!


  2. I absolutely love this, what an inspiration! Beautiful.

  3. I love this, espeically the illustration with them on the couch! I'm a huge fan of artistic,slightly animated fashion interpretations for fashion, One of my favourites in the past was some of Peter Jensen's.