Friday, April 6, 2012

Hoppy Spring

I'll be celebrating Passover this weekend, but let's face it: bunnies are a lot more fun to look at than seder plates. Below, some bunny-inspired items to get you in the spirit of spring...

Lapin Collection of covered dishes by Tina Frey

Silver Lop Bunny Ring with green garnet eyes by Michael Tatorn

Rabbit Head Shopper by Peter Jensen

Chag Sameach, happy Easter and happy spring to all of you!


  1. You know I love this. I might just need those salt and pepper grinders.

  2. Happy Easter, the bunny salt and pepper grinder are the best!

  3. The most adorable covered dishes. I love little rabbits.  Happy Passover dear to you. -xo

  4. Obviously! I thought of you while writing this. :)