Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Alberta Ferretti Lands at Macy's

I've experienced the madness of Jason Wu for Target, heard horror stories of Marni for H&M, but Alberta Ferretti for Macy's? Did anyone remember this was happening today? We may not hear tales of trampled fashionistas elbowing their way through racks, but the latest high/low collab deserves at least a little attention.

Featuring some lovely lace, open knits, romantic florals and too many airy maxi dresses to count, there are certainly some pieces worth checking out here. But I'm not sure any of them will live up to the beauty of the lookbook, which channels the Amalfi Coast with model Mariacarla Boscono.

What do you think? Will you be heading to your local Macy's this week?


  1. pretty! i usually don't head to macy's while at the mall, but this may be worth a peek!


  2. Yes, I shall! I love all the colours.

  3. I love the clothes and these are really awesome fashion shots too- I love the locale and color!

  4. Shanna-Marie BeattieApril 17, 2012 at 11:45 PM

    This is what will be at Macy's?! You're kidding? I'm impressed. Had no clue though. Where was the tweet and hashtag for this? lol 

  5. Macy's is not a place I usually shop at anymore, but when I discovered this Impulse brand last night, I was highly considering taking a trip.  Hopefully there will be some bits and pieces left over in the next few days.  Did you watch the video because it was a good one...Don't we all wish we could have our own personal paparazzi following us around everywhere?  
    I must say Macy's has done a good job with these Impulse brands, recently I thrifted an Impulse Matthew Williamson skirt, tags still on.  But they don't seem to as you say get the same attention as Target or H&M. I avoided the Marni fiasco, and was sadly disappointed to find Target quickly empty of it's Jason Wu stock.

  6. Such pretty images... The first one with the vespa and florals... I found something v similar on Pinterest, perhaps from the same shoot?!
    I adore the last image with the orange, i'd love a frock like that for the summer nights! 
    - Had a fab Easter, did a lot of eating! How about you?

  7. I saw a few pieces in the window of the Macy's in Downtown Crossing and found it all rathr cheap looking. But it all looks so nice in these pictures! At least worth a visit in the store to see it in real life, right? :D

  8. Yes! I'm crazy about this collection - especially the blue number, which may have to be mine. There was a dress I wanted from the Doo.Ri collection that I never snapped up, so I'll have to make this one happen. I feel like it's a little unfair how little attention the Impulse line gets while people go rabid about all the other collaborations. But I guess that's just my inner hipster. ;)

  9. Ahh, this collection looks incredible! So chic & romantic, and I love all the deep, bright colors.