Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hezen Cave Hotel, Cappadocia

Scenes from Cappadocia, Turkey, by Dallas Stribley and Mark Avellino [via Lonely Planet]

Have I mentioned that I have the travel bug? Visiting Turkey has been on my bucket list for years - from the bustling souks of Istanbul to the serene beaches of the Turquoise Coast. But what draws me most of all is the bizarre moonscape of Cappadocia, where cities lie underground, carved into the rocky cliffs.

With scenery like this, it's no wonder that tourism has thrived in Cappadocia. Boutique lodgings are popping up (or should I say down?) throughout the region, including the incredible Hezen Cave Hotel, which Tablet featured in its private sale section this week...

Hezen's 10 guest rooms in the town of Ortahisar are enclosed by the sandstone walls of the landscape and outfitted luxuriously by interior designer Halide Didem. Common spaces lie above ground, filled with modern furnishings that reflect Turkish history in their details.

[photos via Hezen Cave Hotel]

Do you see the detailing on even the radiator and the copper wash basin in the hammam-like bathroom? It's taking all my restraint not to book a room.


  1. Unreal! That would be an amazing way to experience the country. My dad visited on business years ago, and he brought me home a scarf - from a street vendor, I think. I love it so much and the reminder of such a different culture that I draped it on a makeshift side table so I could see it daily. (I could've framed it, of course, but apparently that would've been just too practical for me?)

  2. That would be the ultimate place for a balloon ride! (on my list for sure)

  3. This looks so exotic and foreign, but at the same time, such comfortable living. Not what I associate together at all.

  4. That's exactly what I love about it. :)