Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dutch Mountain by Denieuwegeneratie

[exterior photos by John Lewis Marshall / interior photos by Jaap Vliegenthart] 
Sorry to have disappeared like that. I was bit by a stomach bug and have been laid up for the past few days. Now that I'm finally feeling like myself again, I wanted to share this incredible underground home that I came across on Dezeen and that Madison of Fashion Tales also pointed out to me.

Designed by Amsterdam firm Denieuwegeneratie, the Dutch Mountain house is embedded in the earth of a nature reserve, rising out as a wall of windows on the south and west sides. The interior is just as unconventional, with a vintage Jaguar standing vertically as a bookshelf in the kitchen, a teapot chandelier over the dining table and a staircase made of skateboards.

For more information on the design and construction, visit Denieuwegeneratie's site. (Don't worry - there's an English translation.)


  1. What a cool place! Sorry you were sick, but glad you're better!

  2. What? I mean, what? A Jaguar is my dream car, I can't imagine having it as a bookshelf! The skateboard staircase is mighty cool, I must say! WOW!

  3. stunning photos! i wanna live here!! lol xx