Sunday, December 4, 2011

Spiketus Rex by MadPax

I stepped out of my office last week and spotted not one, but two, tykes on either corner of Boylston and Exeter carrying these awesome spiky backpacks. Two sitings in under a minute makes these officially a "thing" in my book (screw the rule of threes), and I had my interest peaked enough to do some research.

Designed by MadPax, the Spiketus Rex comes in four different sizes - full pack, half pack, the nibbler (tiny) and mighty bite (tinier) - and about a million different colors. I'm sure most kids will opt for the neon brights, but I'm a fan of tamer colors like tan, navy, black and gray in dinosaur skin textures.

You won't catch me trading in my leather crossbody for a MadPax any time soon, but design like this makes me wish I had a little one on my Hanukkah shopping list!


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