Saturday, December 24, 2011

Eviction Notice - Courtney Love's Townhouse

Courtney Love in the foyer of her townhouse
[all photos by Peter Murdock for xoJane via Oyster Magazine]

Word is that Courtney Love is getting evicted from her $27,000-a-month West Village townhouse for redecorating without her landlord's permission. Granted, the woman is a hot mess - and her style is quirky to say the least - but her interior design sense is actually quite impressive.

Before she gets the boot, Love gave a tour of her redecorated, re-painted and re-wallpapered pad to xoJane.

The antique-filled living room includes a photo of Kurt and Frances Bean...

and this creepy-beautiful painting by Gretchen Ryan, titled ACCIDENT.

The prayer room

Since we are talking about Courtney Love, I'm not sure if this is a pantry or if she keeps booze in her closet. 
Either way, I like it.

The owner of the townhouse, Donna Lyon, is claiming that it will take 12 weeks and $100,000 to reverse the "damage" that Love has done, but I'm not really seeing the problem here.

Oh wait -  she also set fire to the master bedroom and owes $50,000 in unpaid rent? Now that sounds like the Courtney we know and love!

For the full photo gallery, visit xoJane, and see some "before" photos of the townhouse at

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  1. I love the way she arranged the place. Maybe she can find a better place for less than $27,000-a-month where she can redecorate it as much as she wants.

    sasha de bretton