Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Le Lodge Park Megève

[all photos via Le Lodge Park]

I realize that we're just on the verge of sweater weather. We have yet to prematurely hang holiday decorations, snow is weeks away, and ski season is even more distant. But I can't stare at these photos for much longer without sharing them.

Le Lodge Park came to my attention when Tablet Hotels featured this rustic ski chalet among its private sales. Located in the French Alpine town of Megève, the property is owned by the Sibuet family, who are known for their farmhouse hotels throughout France.

I'm a bit hopeless when it comes to skiing (just look for me on the bunny slope), but I would feel right at home with a glass of Burgundy at the hotel's Le Bar Espace Trappeur...

Or sipping cocoa in my suite...

Or soaking in a hot tub at the Spa Pure Altitude...

Thanks for bearing with my unseasonable daydreaming, because by the time winter arrives, I'm sure I'll be pining for a tropical getaway instead. Do stay tuned.


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