Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Un-It Bag

Derek Lam Nyla Calfskin Hobo [via Saks Fifth Avenue]

I saw Derek Lam's spring handbag collection at Saks recently and had to look at the interior label to see who made these beauties. I will forever covet a vintage Chanel 2.55, and you better believe the Celine Luggage Tote will be mine if I ever find a deal, but there's something to be said for a bag that is both luxe and less recognizable.

It was at the IFB Evolving Influence Conference in February that I realized "it" bags may not be my bag. Sacrilege, I know, but hear me out.

Derek Lam Beatrice Suede/Leather Satchel Clutch [via Saks Fifth Avenue]

"I love your PS1!" I heard one blogger exclaim to another. Yes, it was beautiful, but I realized then that as much as I thought I had wanted my own PS1, I would not have felt comfortable being on the receiving end of that comment.

I have eschewed logo items my entire life, and I think this a preference I have taken from my mom and her understated brand of elegance. When girls in my high school were wearing Tiffany tag bracelets and Coach bags covered in Cs (yes, it was that kind of high school), I shied away.

"It" bags, of course, are more subtle than logo items. They're usually beautifully designed and crafted without serving as a walking brand advertisement. Nevertheless, they have become nearly as recognizable as any Guccissima or LV print, and that is where I start to flinch.

I love the PS1, and I love the Alexa. I adore the Rocco and classic Balenciaga. What I hate, though, is the idea of anyone who reads Us Weekly being able to recognize that I could feed a small country with what hangs from my shoulder.

This is entirely personal preference, and if I see you carrying the latest big thing in bags, chances are I'll admire it and even covet it. There should be no shame in carrying something so beautiful, and my insecurities about publicizing my spending habits are my own.

When I decide to blow my paycheck on a new handbag, though, I will go for something luxurious, well-made and a little less known. I think one of these Derek Lams would be perfect!

Derek Lam Large Ume Calfskin Shoulder Bag [via Saks Fifth Avenue]

Derek Lam Eiko Calf Leather Shoulder Bag [via Saks Fifth Avenue]


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