Thursday, June 2, 2011

Alemagou by k-studio

All photos by Yiorgos Kordakis [via yatzer]

Who hasn't dreamed of a vacation in the Greek islands? I thought it could actually be a reality this summer since their economy is in the crapper, but it turns out it's not as affordable to travel there as I'd hoped. Ah, well... I guess my dream vacation will have to wait, but design like this isn't making it any easier on me.

What appeals to me most about Greece is the melding of old and new. The relics of an ancient civilization collide head on with luxurious beach resorts, cosmopolitan nighlife and slow-paced Mediterranean culture. (At least that's how I imagine it. Brit GreekAnnCaramellitsa - am I close?)

The Alemagou bar and restaurant is a perfect example of what I mean. Architects k-studio have taken classic, even ancient, design elements and incorporated them into a thoroughly modern space on Ftelia beach in Mykonos.

K-studio drew their design inspiration from tradtional Cycladic architecture, which includes these smooth-edged, white washed walls. Interesting fact: The Mykonians of old used to put asbestos around their houses in the summer to act as a pesticide, causing the rounded form to occur over time.

These handmade pumpkin shell lights were traditionally used by the island's poorer families as a cheap alternative to store-bought lighting fixtures.

The thatched roof is made from natural reed that hangs down and sways in the beach's strong winds. Plus, it creates natural air circulation that makes Mykonos' sweltering temperatures bearable.

And if none of that gets you, just take a look at the bathroom. I love the idea of the rope toilet paper holder.

Saving up for Greece starting... now!

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