Monday, January 3, 2011

Modern Digs for My Future Best Friend

Cubix Dog Mansion by Best Friend's Home

I'm slightly obsessed with the idea of getting a dog. I grew up with one that looked just like that little guy in the middle, and I've been talking about adopting a pup for years now. When I do finally feel like a responsible adult who can handle the time and expense of puppy-rearing, Monkey will be living it up in his own little Bauhaus abode. (Yes, I plan to name my dog Monkey.)

This doggy pad reminds a heck of a lot of the Fish Condo I showed you a while back. Apparently, the market for modern pet homes is booming!

And, since this is a short post, I want to take the opportunity to thank a few bloggers who have done an excellent job of recognizing their peers (including me). Be sure to check out the posts below and get to know these lovely ladies:

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  1. That is so cute! I've been hearing the cutest pets' names today, and Monkey is a really good one!

  2. omg. so adorable. i want one for my kitty!!!


  3. Beautiful :))))


  4. I have one and let me tell you. she is beautiful.
    Her name is Chica and she is a Shi-tzu

  5. A modern dog I've seen it all! I really want another dog myself. But unfortunately now's not the time. I so miss having a dog around, though.

    Thanks for the mention, Marissa. I appreciate it!

    twitter: @gritandglamour

  6. You're very welcome, V!

    Lee, when are you going to show us a photo of Chica? :)

  7. Getting Oliver was one of the best decisions I've made last year! I can't wait to see what little guy you end up getting in the future :) Such a cute doggy house too

    xoxo Maria

  8. Amazing, you have to get a dog solely to justify buying this!

  9. OMG my dogs would love this house! I so wish I could get one for them:) Kisses,sweetie

    Ps: I am hosting a great home decor GIVEAWAY later today, so please join in :)

  10. I think bama needs one of those for real!!

  11. Oh I do that too, realize I don't know some things about people whose blogs i read all the time! Yes, I'm american - I moved to Switzerland a little over a year ago because Mark, my husband, found a job here!

  12. this is just drop-dead adorable! i buy way too many cat houses for ernst and he never seems to enjoy them as much as i do. i recently saw a cat teepee on modcloth and had to stop myself!

  13. Monkey is the perfect name for a dog. Do it!! I can't til we have a house and can get a pimped dog house for our bullmastiff!!

  14. Monkey. I love it. WHEN you get Monkey, i can't wait to see what his home looks like :)

    Thanks for the link love, doll!

  15. That is the most awesome doghouse EVER!

  16. This is possibly the CUTEST thing ever! Loooove it! Following your blog now!!

    XO, Liza and Jewls