Friday, October 1, 2010

Meichi Peng: Homes to Handbags

I'm not quite sure why I've waited all this time to write about Meichi Peng Design Studio. My best friend is Peng's operations manager, after all, and I've been gawking at images of the interior designer's handbag line for a while now. I finally had the opportunity to view Peng's work in person last night at a party to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her boutique, and it seems that's all the inspiration I needed to get the ball rolling.

Peng has been designing zen-like, modern spaces in the Northeast for years, but it was only in 2009 that she translated that inspiration into Peng Bags. The sumptuous leather handbags are sleek yet timeless, much like Peng's interior design work. The focus is on craftsmanship here, and in fact, Peng has enlisted her sister to hand stitch each bag.

Peng Furnishings, the designer's one-year-old boutique attached to her SoWa studio, carries Peng Bags along with a unique selection of home furnishings that includes Asian antiques and several one-of-a-kind pieces. Rumor has it that the bags will be making their way into more retail outlets soon, but until then, you can visit Peng's studio for the full experience at 460 Harrison Avenue in Boston.

[interior images by Stephen F. Bevacqua/Ken Dayton]


  1. From interiors to handbags surely makes sense. I love the use of colour in small areas of the bags.

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  3. I need to check this place out. I adore those zipped bags (last picture) Great seeing you as well last night. And sorry I called you Melissa...I have a couple of friends and bloggers named Melissa so it's habit. Sorry!!! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. both the bag and that room are so sleek and modern. <3

  5. Oh man! Marissa, this is making me jealous that I didn't come with you to the party. I love the zippered bags, but I was really bummed when I popped over to the website and saw the price tag! Not quite my budget!! It was so great meeting you last week, we definitely need to get together again soon to talk blogs and grab a drink!

  6. Shot number 3 is what I'd love to live in! So perfect!
    xo M

  7. Wow that studio is sharp.

  8. That first room...GORGEOUS! The orange is just perfection.


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