Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bostion Fashion Week: Rethinking Gowns

 SG Fashions 2011 collection

Here's the thing about gowns: I just don't like them. Give me a cocktail dress or a tailored pant, and I'm a happy girl. But when you're designing floor-length fashion, it's just too easy to skew bridesmaid.

I attended two Boston Fashion Week events Sunday night - a runway show by SG Fashions and a presentation by Sam Mendoza - and both were heavy on the gowns. Yet, somehow, I wasn't turned off! Gall's impeccable detailing offset some of my distaste for shiny satin, and Mendoza's modern lines and styling made me rethink my position entirely. Photos after the jump...

Shanna Gall of SG Fashions presented her 2011 collection, inspired by the Victorian and Flapper eras, at the State Room with a show entitled F.R.E.E. (Fashion Reminds Everyone to Evolve).

Jane Jetson in Maribou - no surprise that these minis were my favorite looks.

Textured panels and Victorian lace made for gowns I don't hate.

Sam Mendoza skipped the runway show for a presentation at Mohr & McPherson and a party next door at Rocca. Models lounged about on divans and oriental rugs, looking perfectly rich and perfectly bored in a fabulous still-life representation of decadence.

The sleek hair, edgy makeup and spot on styling made Mendoza's gowns feel entirely modern. I claim the white one for my red-carpet debut. 

See the model in the fur stole? I didn't manage to take a clear picture of her face, but she's the hairstylist with the cat skull necklace I photographed at the Beehive!

Finally - a pair of pants! And they were quite gorgeous with the drapey top, I might add.

All in all, the evening was a wonderful opportunity to meet some other Boston bloggers and fashion fans while confirming that our little city has some very talented designers to call our own.


  1. What a fun collection...looks like a fabulous show!!!

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  2. I'm with you - not a huge fan on long dresses in general. This may be because I look terrible in them, but that's neither here nor there. These ones do look nice! But I kinda dig the short, feathered skrts best.

  3. GREAT shots!!! I like the short flirty feathers! Yummy!
    xo M

  4. Oh dear...see how much the expectations to fashion differ...usually I`m a sucker for gowns and everything opulent but in the case of the upper collection I have to say: good idea - bad realization.

    The gowns look slightly tacky, too little fabric, too much skin. These dresses surely don`t make bridesmaids, honey ;)

  5. Cool piccies lovely, am feeling the shorter numbers!

  6. such a fun time :) my camera is a canon powershot! get one, girl!


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