Thursday, September 9, 2010

Alexa for Madewell - Finally!

 [images via Madewell]

Hype has been building around the Alexa Chung for Madewell collection for what seems like a lifetime, and it's finally here! Well, online. We'll have to wait until Saturday to see the collection in person.

Judging by Alexa's personal style, the collection is more or less what I expected: super on-trend with plenty of girly blouses and dresses, skinny denim, and ladylike coats. Overall, it's lovely, versatile and truly wearable. My picks after the jump...

These shorts are beyond amazing, and they are by far my favorite piece in the collection. Such a great take on all the wool and leather winter shorts we are seeing this season. These will be mine!

I live in this type of blouse throughout fall and winter. Perfect for overheated office buildings, they look equally good tucked into trousers or skirts as they do hanging out over skinnies.

This is what I picture when I think of Alexa Chung. I think I tend to look too precious in this type of dress, but it's adorable on someone like Alexa, no?

I admit that this sweater is all about the styling, and Madewell has done a damn fine job here! It would also look good over one of the above blouses (with the collar sticking out, of course), toughened up with some lace-up booties and chunky jewelry.

To me, there is only one true failure in the collection:

Cause there's nothing like an engineer-striped denim apron! The light and dark denim versions are slightly less offensive, but still... no.

So, what do you think? Does the collection live up to the hype?


  1. Yes it does. It oozes Ms. Chung:-). Love it! I also agree that DWR should change their name too-lol! xx

  2. NY for the weekend? How fun! I love NY, you can go a 1000 times and never have enough of it! Have a great time! and im looking forward to see your pics :D

  3. Gorgeous coat!
    What a fab collab!


  4. This blog is so what I love, Alexa is too cool for words. Oh I dream of NY :( xxxx Look forward to your picture's xxxx

  5. this looks great-look forward to checking it out..

  6. love the collection and agree with you on that overall... not very nice!

  7. Most of the pieces are cute, but you're right about the engineer overall thingy. THAT'S the extent of their creativity? Lord.

    Anyway, I got my AHAVA goodies, doll. THANK YOU! So excited to use the masks. I haven't done one in years.

    ♥ V

  8. Love that polka dot dress but yeah, on her it looks great. It would be too 'young' looking on me. I love her grungey hair too. How does one get hair to look like that and still look good??

  9. Alexa is doing her thang again, it's very her this range! The hirl who has taken her place on T4 in the UK is following in her footsteps too, she's v stylish - Jameela Jamil

  10. Loving the blouses!!

    It's a cool collection :)

  11. Love the dress! Great picks.


  12. i'm in love with the polka dot shirt and tea dress (which also has polka dots). overall i'm a fan of the collection...though i think alexa is pretty cool, so there you have it.

    check me out at (marissa's have to stick together ;).