Monday, July 26, 2010

Mood Stabilizers

I left work today in need of a bear hug and a seriously strong drink. Nothing actually went wrong, but I'm nearing the end of a monster project, and things are hectic to say the least.

So imagine the warm, fuzzy feeling I got when I came home to the scene above. Ok, so I actually set that scene up, but all of it was waiting for me in the mail: a new pair of sandals I ordered from Zappos just yesterday, my August issue of Nylon magazine and Coco Before Chanel from Netflix.

Sometimes it's the simplest things that can turn your day around.


  1. Good luck with monster project doll!!!

    Yes a stiff drink can work wonders and sometimes a good comedy can make things better too!

    Take care sweetpea

  2. AMEN! I love when my treats show up in the mail! That's half the fun of online shopping...the anticipation. Hope things look up.

    ♥ V

  3. Thank you, ladies! Today was much better. :)

  4. I enjoyed that movie. Audrey was very good in it.

  5. Nice scene! Good movie, good magazine, cute shoes! I love it when I come home to new movies, magazines, and deliveries, all in one day.