Friday, July 2, 2010

Marcel vs. Daphne

[images via Nars/Grazia]

Two of my favorite things: bulldogs and Nars makeup. My first experience at a makeup counter came courtesy of Nars on the first of many mother-daughter trips to Manhattan. And bulldogs? Well, I have no nostalgic stories there, but those wrinkles just make me melt.

So tell me, Fran├žois Nars - why in the world would you mess with the world's most perfect ad campaign? That cutie pie above (left) is Nars' Frenchie, Marcel, shilling for the brand's new primer in a spring ad campaign. And to the right is Nars' new muse, Daphne Guinness.

Nars has already named the purple shadow shown "Daphne," and now she's replacing my beloved Marcel as the face of the brand's A/W '10 ad campaign. No offense to the lovely Ms. Guinness, but I am not amused. Marcel FTW!


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