Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Cat Came Back... Again

Pinkyotto's version of the Miu Miu cat and bird prints

Look familiar? Yep, those are the now famous Miu Miu cat and bird prints - or at least copies of them. It was no surprise when Zara co-opted the cat print, but Pinkyotto? As a smallish label with stores on Newbury Street and in New York, I was a little shocked to see such blatant copycatting (pun intended) of a luxury brand.

I've mentioned before that Pinkyotto is by far one of my favorite shops, carrying affordable and unique pieces that you're sure not to see on every other girl in town. So I was baffled to see something so utterly un-unique.

I do appreciate the idea of bringing fashion to the masses. Zara, H&M and Forever21 are fast-fashion staples, and we've come to expect a little runway thievery from these chains. Pinkyotto, however, is a label I value for its creativity, and seeing copies of Miu Miu prints in the store was a little disconcerting.

None of this is to suggest that I don't like the Pinkyotto versions. That pink and navy bird dress is pretty darn adorable and a nice option for those of us who can't shell out for Miu Miu. I'm pretty sure my closet would thank me for the addition. Nevertheless, I'm hoping Pinkyotto sticks to its roots and continues to produce beautiful, original creations.

Backstage at Miu Miu Spring '10 / Zara Summer 2010 lookbook


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