Sunday, May 23, 2010

Brimfield Find: When Lindy Met Sandy

I know I promised you a report on my Brimfield purchases and my favorite vendor, so here it is: When Lindy Met Sandy. These North Carolina ladies specialize in vintage reproductions, including Vogue, Couture and Harper's Bazaar covers, as well as botanical prints and a "Bathing Beauties" series of flapper-era prints.

The company also makes some sweet, girly linens out of white muslin and gauze, my favorite being a pillow case with "Bonne Nuit" printed on it.

It was nearly impossible to pick out my favorite images, but this framed 1932 Harper's cover is now hanging in my bedroom to greet me every morning:

I also bought a couple of smaller botanical prints on celadon ribbon to hang in the bathroom:

I was lucky enough to get all of these for a steal (almost 60% off retail), so I'd suggest heading out to Brimfield on July 13-18 or September 7-12 when the antique show/flea market comes back to town. See you there!


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