Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Take me to Milano!

I've never wanted to be in Milan so badly! Design Week and the Salone Internazionale del Mobile are in full swing, and amazing images of design pavilions, furniture and useful objects are popping up across the interwebs. Some of my favorites so far: 

Slovenian designer Nika Zupanc has created this pavilion covered in wooden windmills, called "Gone with the Wind," to showcase her latest furniture collection. [via Dezeen]

Maison Martin Margiela is the latest fashion house to get into the furniture design game, having created this "Groupe" surrealist sofa and "Emmanuelle" armchair for Italian manufacturer Cerruti Baleri. I'll take the sofa please! [via Dazed Digital]

You know how in spy movies the bad guy (think Dr. Evil) always sits in a great big arm chair that hides his identity until he spins the chair around? How much creepier would it be if he were sitting in this "Nemo" chair by Fabio Novembre? [via designboom]

A collection called "Modern Times" by Swedish designers Johannes Tjernberg & Rasmus Malbert includes an MP3 docking station, a paraffin lamp and a series of table clocks. The docking station (above) is furnished with a brass hand crank to adjust volume and organ pipes. The collection is cleverly inspired by the 1936 Charlie Chaplin film of the same name. [via Dezeen]


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