Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Wish List: Bucket Bag

I've been looking for the perfect bucket bag ever since I saw Alexander Wang's version a couple months back. This Diego bag is calling to me, but I'm having a bit of trouble stomaching the $825 price tag. (I like nice bags as much as the next girl, but I wait for them to go on sale!)

So, here are a few other options I've found:

Not too far off from the Diego, but the hardware looks a bit heavy for my taste.

I'm digging the tassels, and the price is right, but it's PVC, so I'm hoping it won't look cheap in person.

Pour la Victoire will be launching a handbag collection for the fall, but that means waiting, and I don't have the patience.

Not bad, but let's face it... nothing quite compares to the Diego. I do have a tax refund coming my way, but I'm still not sure if I can justify it. Sigh!




  1. I also have a problem buying very expensive bags - I also keep my eyes open for sales.

    How long are the straps on those bucket bags? Some of them look like the bag would hand down around the waist or so -- would that get annoying?

  2. Thanks, Suz. I forgot you told me about that. BTW, you're the first non-stranger to comment on my blog!

    Deconstruction, you're right, they do look pretty long, but I generally carry bags like this with the shorter strap over my shoulder and the longer one hanging down. I'd have to try all these in person, though.

  3. the AW one is the best one preferably in that nude color