Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Good Enough to Eat

 Panpaati by Enoc Armengol [via Yatzer]
This furniture, entitled Panpaati (or Eating Design), is made entirely out of bread by Spanish artist and industrial designer Enoc Armengol

In the artists' own words:

"The bread represents a direct connection with nature. Using food is the most simple way to represent forms and to create something physically, similar to what Leonardo da Vinci and Dalí did in the past to create their prototypes or what children usually use to easily generate volumes to express their ideas."
 Er... if da Vinci and Dali sculpted prototypes out of their dinner leftovers, I was unaware.

In any case, Panpaati reminds me of the baguette airplane I saw on DesignBoom a while ago:

'Rolo Hesketh-Harvey and his Baguette Aeroplane' by Tim Walker 
Carbo-loading in its finest form!


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