Friday, March 12, 2010

Crazy/Amazing Pieces from Gaga's New Video

I can't help it - I love Lady Gaga. She's one of my many guilty pleasures, and her new nine-minute video for Telephone is nuts and even a little disturbing. Watch it, whether you've been swept up in the Gaga madness or not!

We've all heard about the phone-shaped hair, but there are some other crazy/amazing pieces deserving of attention...

Speaking of bold shoulders: Jailbird outfit by Jean Charles de Castelbajac 

Cigarette glasses by Haus of Gaga 

Telephone hat by Fred Butler

 Hats and outfits by Emilie Pirlot

[images via Huffington Post]

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  1. I have lots of love for Lady Gaga. I tried to hold out and resist, but she totally won me over with the Poker Face video. She's creative and no holds-barred and her videos are all so glam in their own ways.