Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fun with Shipping Containers

[the Box Office via DesignBoston]

Gradon over at DesignBoston wrote about the Box Office yesterday, an office building in Providence made entirely out of shipping containers and designed by Distill Studio. Between the Box Office and Puma's pop-up shop that graced the Fan Pier last year, it made me wonder what other shipping container buildings were out there.

Click through for some impressive photos.

Minnesota family cabin by Hive Modular architect Paul Stankey and his wife Sarah Nordby [via equity green]

Container City in Choula, Mexico, is comprised of about 50 shipping containers transformed into shops, restaurants, bars, galleries and residential apartments. [via inhabit]

The Freitag Shopping Container Store in Zurich, Switzerland, sells handbags made of recycled materials. [via Fun Cool Pictures]

A bar in Nairobi, Kenya [via AfriGadget]

Affordable housing at London's Trinity Buoy Wharf by Urban Space Management [via]


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