Sunday, February 7, 2010

Annabelle Jones Consignment Now in Boston

I had decided to spend my Friday lunch break perusing the racks at H&M (which is dangerously close to my office), when this amazing window display pulled me away from my original mission. Though they haven't even had time to hang their sign yet, this gem on the corner of Newbury and Dartmouth is Annabelle Jones Consignment.

Jewlery seems to be the main draw here, with an overwhelming selection including vintage bakelite, deco costume peices, and an incredible vintage YSL snake cuff.

The clothing selection is not as vast, but the pieces they do have are pretty damn awesome! The well-edited collection includes classic Chanel jackets, Laboutin pumps, and a black silk tie-neck blouse by Prada (which I might have to go back for).

I couldn't resist trying on these two pieces:

Oleg Cassini top ($285) - pailletes and beading and shoulder pads!

David Mesiter ruched leopard print dress ($95) - sadly made for someone taller than my 5 feet, so go scoop it up if you're a size 4.

Excuse the bad photography. I wasn't expecting to find this place and had to rely on my Blackberry.


  1. What an AMAZING store...Its so fabulous... excellent staff...amazing stuff!!! Newbury st. needs more gems like annabelle jones..

  2. How nice to try on some Oleg Cassini! I found a few pairs of old nylons from him still in the package. I think it's the only thing I could afford from him!

  3. Who is the owner of this store? Is this the same man who owned a consignment shop in Boston before, kept the money and shut down the business?

  4. Same owner as two stores on the Cape .Screws everyone !!!!!

  5. William Conley is the owner.

    This place is a total rip off. Steer clear.

    1. They do not keep an accurate inventory or keep receipts of the items they sell.

    2. They will give you the run-around for months if you let them.

    3. They will steal from you if you let them.

  6. William conley

    oscar's consingments He opened a store in Greenwich CT called oscars at 10 Greenwich ave. He ripped people off their also he also, owned a store in Maine,Mass East Hampton New York con artist.

  7. william connlley consignments bad bad

  8. Search william conley consignments you will find not so good things stay away.

    He had other stores in RI,MASS,EAST HAMPTON NY,MAINE, last known store was greenwich CT